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Free 3D Wallpaper Galleries

The Scenic Real World - p.1   p.2
Scenes you could possibly find in the real world.

Real World Creatures (animals)
The animate part of the real world, from insects to humans.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy  
Outer-space scenes, fantastic machines, mythical creatures and magical places.

The lighter side of 3D wallpaper.

Object studies and still life.

Objectless designs and abstractions made up of objects.

Holidays  -   p. 1   p. 2 
Decorate your computer for those special occasions.

Photographic Wallpaper Galleries

Animal photos
From cute to menacing to silly. 

Architecture photos - p. 1   p. 2
Beautiful buildings from around the world.

Beach photos
Beach scenes.

City photos - p. 1   p. 2
City scenes from around the world.

Landmarks photos - p. 1   p. 2
Famous places, memorials, statues, and other wonders.

All forms of transport, from hot air balloons to gondolas.

Vista photos - p. 1   p. 2   p. 3
Nature scenes.

Graphics Galleries

Windows 3D Startup / Shutdown Screens
Startup and Shutdown size versions of some of my 3D Wallpapers.

Animate your PC Desktop
GT Ripple allows you to add ripples to your screen!

Public Guest Libraries (caution: 'Public' means you need to scan these files)

Guest Wallpaper - Submit your own here; click 'Join'  & check the terms.
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Windows Desktop Themes - Change the look and sound of your PC.
Latest  -  Top 10  -  Search  -  List All

Screen Savers - Animations that play when your computer is idle.
Latest  >  Top 10  >  Search  >  List All

Outlook Stationary - Outlook E-mail backgrounds.
Latest  >  Top 10  >  Search  >  List All

ICQ Skins - Change the look of your ICQ messenger.

WinAmp Skins - Change the look of your WinAmp MP3 player.

Messenger Skins - Change the look of your Yahoo messenger.

Many other sections too!:   Library List

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