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Before you write, please check to see if your question is in this list.
If you still need to contact me, use the address at the bottom of the screen.

Common E-mail questions:
  1. How do I download?!
  2. What software do you use?
  3. How do I delete a wallpaper?
  4. Do you have screensavers?
  5. Can I put your wallpaper on my site for download?
  6. GT Ripple isn't working.
  7. Can you make larger wallpapers?
  8. What are the license/royalty fees?
Questions answered elsewhere:
  1. What is 3D?
  2. Do you take requests?
  3. Can I use images online?
  4. Can you e-mail me at next update?
  5. How can you give away your art?
  6. How do I link to this site from my web page?
  7. Has Visual Paradox won any awards?
  8. Do you have Guest Wallpapers?


1. How do I download?!

When you right click on the image, (the size matching your desktop) there should be an option to "Set as Background." That option automatically saves the image in a windows directory as a .BMP file.
See my Help page, there are instructions for Mac users there as well.

On that same menu you can also save the image to disk. There are programs, wallpaper changers, available around the internet that rotate your wallpapers on a schedule you set. They can use images in a variety of formats, converting only the one it is displaying to .BMP first. Check the "Wallpaper tools" on my Links page

2. What software do you use?

I have a list of the main software here

Some other free PC 3D software (for non-commercial use) can be found at:
HTTPs://   3D Terrain editor/renderer
Daz Studio A 3D figure posing tool for use in positioning "Poser" format models bought from DAZ3D. 

3. How do I delete a wallpaper?

If you used your browser to capture the wallpaper, I.E. right mouse click on the image, It would have saved it with whatever that browser names the image. In the Windows directory, usually on the C: drive, it would be named "InternetExplorerWallpaper.BMP" or "NetscapeWallpaper" or something to that effect.
If you select a new wallpaper and capture it with your browser, it will automatically delete the previous wallpaper under that browser's wallpaper name.

If you have a Mac, I'm not sure where the browser would store it, but it does use the same naming conventions. It may be in the Browsers folder, or perhaps the System folder.

4. Do you have screensavers?

I don't currently make any screensavers, But you can find programs that will use the images in a slideshow type screensaver, like Webshots. Whichever one you go with, tell them "VisualParadox" sent you. 
There is a 3rd party screensaver using 9 of my sci-fi images. Look for "CT Space 1.0."  at CamTech
I have recently added a large library of all sorts of 'other' screensavers.

5. Can I put your wallpaper on my site for download?

My compensation for the images comes from the banner ads at the top of each image, so I don't allow the images as downloads on other sites as wallpaper. You can however link to the wallpaper page, the return link will even return to your web page. (that way I still get paid for my work.)


If you want to use an image as a graphic on your site, please see the FAQ here.

Do not use any wallpaper image without contacting me first.

6. GT Ripple isn't working.

GT Ripple animates whatever wallpaper you already have on the Desktop. You just run the program, and then minimize the settings window, not closing it. If you hit close it shuts the animation back off. Minimize is the little button with the underline symbol in the upper right corner of the window. It hides the window in the task bar (system tray).
If you need help uncompressing the program, (installing it on your computer)
send e-mail to Gareth Hadfield at:
He is the author of GT ripple.

7. Can you make larger wallpapers?

There are 1600x1200 size wallpapers for all images created since the last quarter of 2002. However the menus still have to be updated.  Rather than wait until I have the time to make all the changes, I made them available on the wallpaper pages themselves. Click on a smaller size and see if the 1600x1200 link at the top is clickable.
For the images without larger sizes, I set the display preferences to "stretch." You can also load the 1024x768 version into Photoshop and resample it to the larger size for the larger monitor. 
It still looks great, (it's hard not to look great at that size.)

8. What are the license/royalty fees?  (public use)

Any public use of images require a license fee that is variable with the size of the project.  The images are free for personal use, but they are not "Free."

The following are single use license fees, they must be paid for each use.

For images size1024x768 or lower the license fee is $30 each per 10,000 in the printing/distribution. 1600x1200 is $45 per 10,000, and high resolution (generally between 3200x2400 and 4000x3000) is $60 each per 10,000 printed/distributed.  Hi-res is not possible for all images, e-mail for availability.

Rates become more flexible with high quantities, E-mail for quotes.

Website use has an annual license fee of $30. 

Downloads of the images outside of Visual Paradox are not allowed, so unless your offer is special, don't ask.


Note: I receive dozens of E-mails a day, (hundreds if you count spam)  please keep your e-mail quick and to the point, and I'll try to answer, but I can no longer answer them all.

For commercial use of images, see Question #8 above.

Click here, and add "com"  to the end of the send address. 

Sorry, no attachments. Due to the number of viruses in e-mail, all e-mail with attachments are filtered directly to the trash.


All images & content are Copyright 1999-present by Brian S. Kissinger
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