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Awards presented to Visual Paradox

The Screen Savers
Reviewed on the "Screen Savers" cable TV show: Aug 14,01
Reviewed on TechTV's "The Screen Savers" cable TV show. "...Kissinger offers hundreds of high-quality 3D images that are free for personal use, as long as you don't remove his small copyright notice. Of course, my favorite so far is the image of Tux on vacation."

Webdancer Award 8/19/01
My name Donna D'Amelio and my website features an artist each week.  I'd like to feature you and three of your images (and it was very difficult to just select three!) on my website the week of August 19.  The images I'd like to use are Howler, Subterranean, and Ferryman.
 To see the current artist of the week, click on the award.

Visual Paradox  5/5! Photonext’s Favorites
This is a site to behold! With free 3D wallpapers ranging from scenes that you wish you could see out your window to science fiction scenes that are awesome! A great links archive and guest photo wallpapers round out the site. The sites navigation is easy to understand and has all the images categorized by genre, and alphabetically. Also featured is the new store area that features hi-res. art prints and mouse pads. Weekly updates of the site keep every thing fresh.

  I offer you this award to you in recognition of your achievement of presenting a website that features - a unique creative style all your own, superior artistic talent and craftsmanship, a valuable contribution to the Internet graphics community. Please persevere with your excellent work. Thank you Brian.

The Elaud User Choice Award

Thank you to everyone who voted for my Web site, the award means so much more when it comes from the visitors of Visual Paradox. (rated 9.29 out of 10).


Webdancer Award 7/7/99
I was chosen for the Webdancer artist of the day, with "Bullion" and "House of Mirrors" the featured images.  To see the current artist of the day, click on the award.

This site is King of the Web
"We have been to your site and found it informative, easy to navigate, original and an excellent contribution to the internet community as a whole.  We are proud to present this award to a quality site such as yours and if your site has been submitted to our database, we will also place our award icon next to your listing letting our searchers know that we have visited your site and found it to be of high quality."

WebSideStory Award - Top

"...Visit it, you'll understand. The images are fun and kind of "popish" in their own way, but certainly up to date in their graphic representations. The site is quick loading and simple to navigate. As I always say, I like that! I loved the skeleton in the cage which is in the Sci-Fi Fantasy category. Fans of 3D art will enjoy the great renderings which just seem to pop up off the page."

Starting Page to the best sites and entertainment!
Starting Page: "I really like your site!  You are a great resource for some very beautiful and unusual wallpaper.  And it's free! As a featured site, you qualify for the Starting Page Selection Award."

Award of Excellence 7/2/99
Home & Hearth: "Please extend my congratulations to your web site development team on producing a web site that reflects a very high standard of creativity and professionalism on the World Wide Web .  Excellent quality of content and ease of navigation with some very very impressive graphic and design work. An excellent addition to the web, one that you should be very proud of."

1 FreesStuff Website Award!
"Not only did your site meet all the requirements...  but your design skills were above and beyond the norm. Content was clear, concise, and interesting, links and scripts were working efficiently, and best of all, there was no excessive waiting for your site to download. "

quatec.jpg (5244 bytes)
"Your site was reviewed for originality, usefulness of information, graphic design, and was found to add an outstanding artistic flair, careful and concise design, and a wealth of information.  Your site only enhances the originality of our Internet community.  Job well done!"

Hot Site 7/9/99
Congratulations! Your site has been awarded the Hot Site 1999 Award. You´ve done a great job in delivering free, beautiful wallpapers in different resolutions. Keep it up!

"Congratulations!  Your site has qualified for the Gifted Fox Award ®...   Definitely, a wonderful site!  Keep up the great work!!!"


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