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If you still have an old America Online web browser, this may apply to you.

AOL doesn't trust web designers to compress their graphics for the  quickest download time possible.  So, they re-compress the images and shrink any that are bigger than a 640x400 screen size.  The problem is that these graphics are already compressed as much as possible without becoming blurry.  Also, the images on this site are designed for larger screens, if you have an 800x600, 1024x768, or bigger, AOL has denied you the benefit.

Click here for AOL's explanation

Hope is not completely lost.  You can turn off the web compression in your 5.0 preferences. Here's How:

  • Connect to AOL as you normally do.
  • Click the button on the icon bar at the top of your AOL screen that says, "My AOL" (it's the one with the little person chasing that AOL image.)
  • Select "Preferences" and another window of buttons will pop up. 
  • Choose the "WWW" button (the one with the rather bland image of the "W" on it.) 
  • Yet another window appears, this time with tabs across the top, click the one marked "Web Graphics".
  • There it is, uncheck the the checkbox, and close out AOL completely (sign off.) 
  • Start AOL again, and experience the web the way it was designed to look.

(in 6.0 it isn't much different, Click on Settings, Select Preferences, Select Internet Properties (WWW), and from there it is the same.)

Don't cancel your account because of this, they did have good intentions I'm sure. Tell your friends to join too, and maybe one day, I'll even join. I probably should, I am a stock holder.



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