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Visual Paradox, and its advertisers and affiliates are deeply committed to protecting the privacy of Internet users. Below is information outlining the responsible management of consumer information.

Memeber countries of the EU will only be shown non-personalized advertising.

Consumer Information

Visual Paradox does not collect any personally identifiable information about you such as name, address, or phone number. However, Through a third party analytics service by Google.com, Visual Paradox does obtain some types of non-personally identifiable information such as the Internet Service Provider you use to connect to the Internet, your browser type, or the type of computer operating system you use (Macintosh or Windows, for example). The information collected by the service is used for the purpose of targeted promotion and measuring popularity of pages and images.  Visual Paradox does not archive any of the individual visitor data. For further detail about the data gathered see the Google Privacy Policy in reference to Google Analytics.

In some cases, you may voluntarily provide personal information in forms on the web site. If this does occur, Visual Paradox combines this information with other users' information and reviews it in an aggregate form to understand the type of it's visitors. The result percentages are also made public to attract advertisers.  Individual results of surveys are not saved.

Comments may be left on image pages using a Facebook add-on script. Visual Paradox uses this service for visitor convenience, and does not collect any information from Facebook. Facebook, through it's website, does provide statistics related to comments and fan page, but it is aggregate and no personally identifiable information is gathered by Visual Paradox. Click here to adjust your Facebook Privacy settings.

Data Collection

Visual Paradox's advertising agents, affiliates, and counter services, as well as most sites on the Internet, use "cookies" to enhance your experience on the web. The data gathered by the cookies while on Visual Paradox do not provide any personally identifiable information to VisualParadox. The cookies are used to help the advertising agents ensure that you aren't shown the same ad multiple times, and help the advertisers understand what Visual Paradox's visitors like and don't like about their offerings. Please see the associated privacy policies a the bottom of the page for the advertiser's policies. The cookies also help the counter service be more accurate in counting unique visitors, but they are not required to visit Visual Paradox. If you have opted out of cookies, it will not affect the site's behavior.

Google Advertising asks to make their cookie gathering more clear that I include the following, which allows you to opt out by visiting the Google ad and content network privacy policy.

Security Precautions

As stated above, no gathered data is archived or stored on Visual Paradox's server, or on any other Visual Paradox computer equipment. 
Visual Paradox makes every effort to maintain the security of its network and any data passing through. All data is treated as proprietary and confidential and is not available to the public. Visual Paradox has a strict internal security policy with respect to the confidentiality of customer and other data.

Shopping Cart, Personal & Credit Card Information

Visual Paradox utilizes the outsourced service Zazzle.com to handle merchandise sales.  The actual shopping cart resides on their server and orders are placed and processed through their site.  Visual Paradox only receives the completed order notice. Zazzle is committed to safeguarding the privacy of customers' personal data.  See their Privacy policy below.

Visual Paradox is participating in efforts to establish industry guidelines that safeguard the right to privacy.
Please examine the following privacy policies on the data they collect.

Associated Privacy Policies:

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