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Visual Paradox is one of the few web sites with actual content.  It is provided free, and all revenue is generated from the ads on each page. The target audience is broad, including all computer users. 


Interior Decoration

The Content

Images displayed on the background of computer desktops, known as wallpaper, have become very popular as an escape from the tedium of the office, or even to incorporate a computer into the interior decoration of a house. As Martha Stewart said on her show in the 99 season, "Computer desktop wallpaper, it's a good thing."

It's SuccessVP has won many awards

Visual Paradox is updated weekly with new images, which brings many visitors back on a regular basis.  Many people like to switch their wallpaper often. Also available to compliment the wallpaper, are startup and shutdown images that display during when the computer is turned on and off.  Customer satisfaction is high.

A Loyal Following

The Operation

Visual Paradox is owned and operated by professional artist Brian S. Kissinger. All 3D content is the work of Mr. Kissinger. Also, the text in the site is written in the first person perspective.  This informal atmosphere gives visitors a more personal experience, and has generated a very loyal audience. 

Primary & SecondaryAdvertise

Visual Paradox utilizes an advertising services for the banner ads on it's pages, Google Adsense. Other smaller banners are present through negotiations with Brian Kissinger, as affiliates.


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