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My name is Brian S. Kissinger, I draw all the images, produce, manage and promote the web site. Formerly Production Manager/Art Director for Terran Publishing, followed by Production Manager/Art Director for House Hunter Realty's multiple regional publications.  So I have spent a lot of time on a Mac. At home I have several PCs, a couple Macs, and an old Amiga.
I started working in 3D on the Amiga using Imagine 2.0 many years ago.  It wasn't until recently though I got back into 3D. I was looking to improve the graphics in a game I wrote on the Amiga which I am porting to the PC.  Needless to say, my re-incarnated interest in rendering sidelined the game.

Currently I am free lancing my art, but it would be nice if I could get this website to produce a livable income.  That, however, depends on the economy and Internet's futures. 
Donations received will all go to equipment and software upgrades, for the direct benefit of Visual Paradox's regulars.

Thank you for your interest, I hope you enjoy the wallpapers.

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